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Next Public Performance:

"Holy Mackerel, what a concoction! The Chris Mariani cocktail consists of; 2 parts Frank Sinatra, 1 part Harry Connick Jr. and 1 part Michael Buble, blended smoothly and served on ice to keep it cool. The result is a satisfying mixture that goes down slow and easy and leaves you wanting more. Very tasteful!"

Jeff Murphy

Producer of Shoes and




Some of you may have been wondering why we haven’t made many public appearances lately.

Unfortunately, I have sustained a vocal injury common to voice professionals; it is the same injury that Adele and Julie Andrews sustained.

It will require surgery to repair.

So please stay tuned and wish me luck that I can get healed and be back performing soon!

Thank you ALL for your support.

NEW Full-Length ALBUM slated for late summer release 2014!

New Album will include select songs from the Great Amercian Songbook! Tracks will include some well-known Standards, and will also include some GREAT songs that haven't received their due attention.

Work will also include ORIGNIAL MATERIAL written in the vein of the Great Amercian Songbook! And, there will be some new renditions on some contemporary songs!

Stay Tuned for more details!